A New Year………a new delay!

The six-month period which HCPL was given to comply with the Enforcement Notice concerning the restoration of the site to its former state expired on 15 January. There was no evidence that any move was made to comply with that notice.

There are significant penalties for failing to comply with an enforcement notice, including prosecution. However, HCPL applied for an extension to the compliance period which was refused by AVBC on 9 January. Haytop then lodged a Judicial Review against that council decision so the matter is now in the hands of the High Court and nothing will happen until the review is finalised.

We understand that the court should initiate a Judicial Review process  promptly but a final decision can often take many months. So, another delaying tactic by HCPL leaves the situation in limbo yet again.

Meanwhile the Site Licence appeal was heard on 17 and 18 January.  The closing speeches will be heard  on 27 February and no decision on this matter is likely until a few months after the case has concluded.

WACAG applauds and supports the actions of AVBC and hopes that they will continue to oppose the efforts of HCPL and its advisers to legitimise their illegal activities since they purchased the site.

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  1. Former caravan owner

    Thank you for the update. We can only hope that the courts see sense. The powers that be should be able to connect the dots to see that there is a culture of disobedience.

  2. Local resident

    If I were those currently living on the site I would get some independent legal advice – surely they ought to be able to sue this company for mis-selling! Remember those adverts!

  3. Whatstandwell resident

    Let’s hope the latest stalling tactics fail in the High Court and this company gets prosecuted. I think they actually believe they are above the law! Their arrogance is quite astonishing!

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