Planning permission was granted for the use of seven and a half acres of land for the siting of 30 mobile dwellings (ref BER/352/12).

Mobile dwellings were defined as being trailer caravans designed and constructed for drawing by private cars, motor caravans, and horse drawn caravans of the gypsy type.

There was no restriction on the period of occupancy so those units could have been used for permanent occupation, though none was.


In 1966 permission was obtained to extend the site from 30 to 60 caravans for seasonal and towing use. (ref BER/964/39).

There was no description of the units so they did not have to be trailer type caravans. However, occupation of the caravans was limited to seasonal use; no caravan could be occupied as a permanent residence. It was also stated that the site was not felt to be suitable for use as a residential caravan site.



The most recent site licence specified that the site shall not be occupied by more than 60 caravans at any one time, and at least 30 of those shall only be occupied during the period 1st April to 30th September in each year.

Under the ownership of the George family Haytop Country Park was run and maintained by the Park Owner as a weekend and holiday caravan park for short-term and holiday use only, and that was clear from their website at the time.


These planning permissions are still in force so it is clear that only caravans of the trailer type are allowed  to be used for permanent occupation.