The park was formerly part of the Alderwasley Hall Estate owned by the Hurt family. The Hurts were at one time major landowners owning some 3000 acres. Part of the estate, including the Hall, was sold by the Hurts in 1928 but there were subsequent salesĀ  which resulted in the break up of the estate. 65 acres at the north eastern end of Shining Cliff Woods and the bottom part of the deer park including Alderwasley mill on Pendleton Brook were acquired by Henry GeorgeĀ  and his son in the 1930s. The mill was last operated in about 1912 by the Bowmer family but has since been converted for use as a dwelling.

The park lies within the Alderwasley Conservation Area and The Derwent Valley World Heritage Site buffer zone on the west bank of the River Derwent. It adjoins Shining Cliff Wood, a National Trust property and SSSI.