And so it continues……….

It has now been confirmed that the Haytop owners have not appealed against the High Court decision issued on 15th July. Consequently, they have 6 months to comply with the Enforcement Notice requiring them to remove the road, concrete hard standings, etc., and return the land to its original profile.  

The Tree Replacement Notice remains in abeyance. Haytop requested that the appeal against the Notice be placed in abeyance waiting for the decision on the High Court case.  The abeyance period ended in April and there has been no further movement on this issue. However, the TRN remains served and will be considered as moving forward even if there hasn’t been a final decision on the appeal.

Meanwhile, HCPL has appealed against the Council issuing a Site Licence as they do not agree with the conditions imposed by it. These include a restriction on the numbers of caravans and matters relating to tree replanting. This appeal is scheduled to be heard on 17th and 18th January 2023.

So, it ain’t over yet, folks!

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