Enforcement Notices March 2019

AVBC issued 2 enforcement notices on the owners of Haytop.

The effect of the enforcement notices is that Haytop have to:

Cease the use of the Land for the stationing of residential caravans that are not trailer caravans designed and constructed for drawing by car (aka “static caravans).

(i)      Remove all static caravans from the Land.

(ii)     Reprofile the Land to restore it to its previous level and condition.

(iii)    Remove all concrete bases, hardstandings, gabion retaining walls, service    connections and lighting columns from the Land.

(iv)    Remove the roadway (identified by a hatched area on the attached plan) from the Land.

(v)     Remove all raised wooden decking structures and brick skirtings from the Land.

The owner had until 18th April to lodge an appeal.

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