Drugs raid at Haytop

At about 11 o’clock today several police vehicles arrived on the site. They contained armed officers and two police dogs. Officers were seen searching the garages at the bungalow and the surrounding area. A drone was deployed to view the surrounding area.

Several more vehicles, some unmarked, arrived and officers apparently entered the lodge occupied by the son of the site owner. It is not known if anyone was detained by police.

Vehicles gradually departed but two remained, together with four officers, until 1545 when they too left.

According to the Derby Telegraph website the police issued a statement to the effect that the raid was connected with an illegal drugs matter.

This is the third time that police have been to the site in force since the change in ownership. In the old days the site was just a quiet, rural caravan park where nothing much ever happened. We have to ask – are these the sort of neighbours we want ?

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  1. Hillside Harry

    Does Haytop Country Park Ltd need any help in dragging its name through the mud??
    This is a company that has repeatedly broken the law and ignored legal notices issued by Amber Valley council. Anyone who has followed this saga since 2017 might well conclude that HCPL could do better when it comes to enhancing its own reputation.

    1. Whatstandwell resident

      No, apparently not. It and parent company CWPH Ltd doing a great job trashing their reputation all on their own…….just look at all the Inquiry documentation submitted by the LPA and other parties. Quite staggering the arrogance….that they think that they are above the law, especially when it comes to all of the unlawful tree felling, trying to develop the Central Green Area etc….and this sort of behaviour isn’t just confined to this site! Mind you, park homes industry (and certain owners) are coming under the spotlight at Government level……the net is closing in on industry rogues.

  2. disgusted

    And as usual in your totally biased version you have failed to mention that after hours of searching the police left completely empty handed after a so called anonymous tip off which just happened to have a reporter waiting at the gates,
    Nothing was found at all, just a chance to drag the sites name through the mud prior to the decision on the planning being made.
    I hope the anonymous tip giver is prosecuted for wasting so much police time.

    1. wacagadmin

      There was nothing biased in our reporting. We do not know if the police found anything or left empty handed, as stated in the post. Nor did we know anything about a tip off. The first indication we had of any activity was when the first two police vehicles arrived around 1100 hr. We simply reported that the police issued a statement relating to a drugs raid; we did not originate that statement.

  3. Whatstandwell resident

    Disgraceful. What sort of neighbours indeed! Site owners son – hope Planning Inspectorate are taking note. People like this are not fit to run Haytop or any other park for that matter – and it’s not the first time the Barneys have been linked to dubious activity.

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