Haytop loses appeal against tree planting order

In August 2023 Haytop’s owners appealed against the Tree Replanting Notice that required them to plant 100 or so trees to replace those illegally felled back in 2017. They disagreed with AVBC about the number, species and planting locations specified in the TRN.

The Planning Inspector who heard the appeal issued his decision in March of this year and essentially has dismissed it, but with a few minor modifications regarding 23 planting locations or tree species. Importantly, he assumes that the Enforcement Notice requiring the removal of concrete bases, gabions and the central road will be applied. It will be recalled that Haytop’s appeal against that notice was dismissed by a previous Inspector. The compliance period for the EN ended in January 2023 but enforcement was held in abeyance pending the outcome of this TRN appeal. So, it would now appear that AVBC can insist on the removal of the concrete structures, require the reprofiling of the site and the planting of 100 or so trees in locations specified in this latest decision document. The period for enforcement of the TRN is set at 12 months from the time of the decision, i.e. March 2025.

Anyone interested in reading the full decision document can find a copy on the documents page of this website under the heading TRN Appeal Decision 2024.

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  1. Old Haytop Resident

    Let us hope that they dont appeal again, the owners mindset seems to be beyond the law! This has now gone on for 7 years which is a rudiculous amount of time for a site and nature that deserved better sensitive treatment. Please watch carefully and thanks for keeping the public updated

  2. Liz

    Glad to hear this. It seems they lodge appeal after appeal. I hope this is the last and we see the site finally being restored to how it should be

  3. Local resident

    Common sense prevailed at last. Looking forward to seeing hillside reprofiled, concrete/tarmacadam/bricks removed and trees being replanted.

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