AVA/2019/0268 CLOPUD application refused.

Good news! AVBC refused the application on 10th September. The official notification, with supporting reasons, is reproduced on the Documents page of this website.

The planning officer’s report, which was the basis for the decision, has been removed from the Council’s website but it did show that the objection comments of residents had been taken into account in reaching the decision. We are therefore very grateful to everyone who took the trouble to submit objections and we sincerely hope that we may rely on members of the public to do likewise in the event of further applications by the Haytop owner. It is unlikely that this will be the final attempt to obtain permission because he has already invested some hundreds of thousands of pounds in altering the site and presumably will not wish to lose that investment.

Please continue to visit the WACAG website for future updates and information.

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