Light pollution

It has been noticed that recently there is much less light from the lodges after dark whereas previously lights had blazed all night long for months on end. 

Could it be that the lodge residents have suddenly become aware of their electricity bills? Or perhaps they have been asked to lower the lights because they are a major annoyance to village residents and thus one of the objections to the development plans? By reducing the light pollution while AVBC and the Planning Inspectorate are considering the proposals it may be one less issue to be raised by objectors.

Maybe someone is hoping that we will not remember how the site really looked when the few lodges were lit up. How much worse will it be if there are 60 of them, plus street lights?

Just a thought from one of our readers.

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  1. Derwent Valley resident

    Looks like the site owners are being crafty and have asked for ‘blackout’ conditions on-site, in the vain hope that if does get flagged as an issue, they can try to persuade both the LPA and Planning Inspector that it isn’t one! Very transparent manoeuvre!

    But of course, folks aren’t stupid. There will be photographic evidence to illustrate the problem, prior to apparent ‘blackout’.

    1. wacagadmin

      There are more photographs. The one on the gallery page is not the only one available.

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