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WACAG have decided to seek legal advice from the planning barrister who helped us last year. We want him to examine the CLOPUD application documents and give his opinion as to their validity, especially in relation to the question of “change of use”  and the use of park lodges as permanent residences.

The QC’s fees are about £2400 and we have had some kind offers of donations towards meeting those costs. However there is still a considerable shortfall of about £2000 so one of our community has set up a crowdfunding page at where supporters can make donations.

We would greatly welcome any contributions, no matter how small, to help us meet our target. There is some degree of urgency, however, because the CLOPUD application is due to be decided by AVBC by 24th June so we need to act quickly.

This is a matter that concerns all who care about the amenity value and environmental impact on this site and the surrounding area. But it should particularly matter to those of us who live in the immediate vicinity and are perhaps faced with the prospect of looking at what could be a “housing estate” in the near  future. So, we ask you to consider the consequences of the CLOPUD being successful, visit the gofundme page  and to try to give what ever you can to support this community effort. Furthermore, we could all spread the word amongst our friends and neighbours and ask them to consider making a donation, too.

Thank you in advance for your attention and contribution.

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  1. Sara

    Donated, as an ex van owner on Haytop I want to see justice done for the huge damage they have caused to the site, wildlife, nature. A part of my heart died when we were all kicked off Haytop.

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