Observation by Night Owl

I have been asked to publish this email and am happy to do so.

“I have noticed that from about 20th April there have been no lights showing from the lodges overnight, as there were every night before. I wonder is this an attempt to draw attention away from the light pollution so local residents will be less inclined to submit comments to the Planning Inspectorate? I think I remember that this was done once before, when a planning application deadline was coming due.

Let’s not be diverted. Those who have not yet submitted comments to the Planning Inspector in support of AVBC are strongly requested to do so by using the pro-forma letter available on the documents page of this web site, attached to an email to the Inspectorate office. Please ask your friends and neighbours to do the same in order to show the amount of opposition to the ruination of this part of the Derwent valley by a developer who cares nothing about the environment or the opinions of local residents.

Night Owl”

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