Funding for legal advice – UPDATE

In order that we do not miss the deadline for comments/objections to the application for 60 residential lodges at Haytop a local resident volunteered to pay for the consultation with the planning barrister. That amounted to £2400, so he is hoping for substantial reimbursement. We have now raised  over £500 from donations, but there is yet some way to go! If you want to help please do so by donating through the crowdfunding page: or seek further information at if you prefer to make a direct contribution. We hope to have Counsel’s opinion in the next week or so and intend to post a summary soon after.

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  1. Hillside resident

    Thanks to whoever paid the lawyer. But are we really going to let just one person pay most of the bill? That seems a bit unfair if all of us could benefit from the report. Can’t those of us who have to look at the campsite every day find a few pounds to help out? It looks bad enough already with just a few of those big cabins and it will be much worse if they put 50 more on. There’s only enough slabs now for about 30 so it means that the other 30 will have to go further down the slope nearer the river. How many trees will have to be chopped down for that to happen?
    They have collected over £500 on the gofundme page but that means that Mr or Mrs X is subsidising the rest of the village to the tune of more than £1800. It’s got to be worth a few quid for each of us if it can help to stop this horrible development. So come on neighbours let’s all put a bit into this fund and try to get others to do the same.

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