Lawful Development Certificate for the siting of 30 static caravans for permanent residential occupation and 30 static caravans for 12 month holiday occupation

On 1st May AVBC announced that the above application (AVA/2019/0268) has been received. Information is supposed to be available on the council website but as of now there is nothing published. Any comments anyone may wish to make on the application should be done in writing or by email to Ms Gee ( and must reach her within 21 days of the date of her letter.

If approved this application will result in the site having 60 units which, in theory, could all be occupied for 12 months in a year. A lot will depend on whether the council abides by the two existing planning permissions because they allow permanent occupation only in up to 30  trailer type caravans and it is unlikely, these days, that many people would want to live in one of those as their permanent home. However, that would still mean that 30 lodges, which are classified as “caravans” could be occupied year-round, though not by the same person if they are restricted for holiday use.

It would seem that the application could succeed only if AVBC alters the definition of a “mobile dwelling” as applied in the 1952 permission to allow static units, hence lodges, to be included as such. Nevertheless, we urge readers to obtain the detailed information about the application and make representations to oppose it.


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