Recent road surfacing

On Saturday, 4th July, several people noticed work being done on the lower section of the “new” road through the site. It turned out that tarmac surfacing was being laid; but was that allowed while the appeals against the Enforcement Notices are under way?

We contacted AV Planning for clarification and a spokesperson advised us that any work carried out on the road would automatically be covered by those Notices so the council does not need to take any specific action at the moment. If Haytop Country Park Ltd loses their appeal at the Public Inquiry and the EN’s are upheld, HCPL will have to remove the road, along with the concrete bases, etc.

So why would HCPL risk wasting more money? Well, an informant with experience in construction and engineering tells us that some developers do this sort of thing because they feel it may gain themĀ  sympathy from planning officials, who makes a site visit as part of the Inquiry process. The thinking is, apparently, that a more developed site is less likely to be refused permission to proceed. And sometimes the gamble has paid off!

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  1. Whatstandwell resident

    Interesting….and I bet that is exactly what they try to do….and same goes for those living there…use the fact that these people are now on site as leverage to try to get the Inspector to say the lodges can stay. I hope she sees through it if they do try it on!

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