Situation report July 2022

WACAG has received many enquiries as to why no action has been taken following the conclusions of the Public Inquiry last year and it is some time since we were able to report to our readers. We are pleased that AVBC has now kindly brought us up to date with the current situation relating to the park.

As you may know, Haytop appealed against the decision of the Planning Inspector and the matter was referred to the High Court. There can be no action on a matter which is the subject of an appeal so that explains the lack of any developments in the situation or activity on the site.

Earlier in the year we were informed that discussions were being held between AVBC and Haytop to try to reach agreement on various matters. However, those discussions broke down without reaching any satisfactory conclusions.

Both AVBC and Haytop are now waiting for the decision of the High Court on the challenge relating to the Enforcement Notice. The Court indicated that the Judgement would be handed down before July 4th but that has not happened. Until the Judgment is delivered there can be no further progression with the case.

AVBC remain engaged in active litigation with Haytop for both Site Licensing matters and also Tree Replacement but there has been no outcome of these cases to date.

We hope that the High Court judgement will soon be available and fingers crossed that it will be in favour of AVBC so the site can be restored to something resembling its historical state.

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  1. LL

    Thank you for this update. We can only hope that the world heritage site can be appreciated by the owner and restored.

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