Deadline for submissions to the Planning Inspectorate extended again

TeamE1 at the Planning Inspectorate has advised us that the deadline for receipt of representations concerning the appeals has been put back again, to 8th June.

We have queried their requirement that all representations should be sent by electronic means due to the COVID-19 situation. The reply was as follows:- “With regards to the submission of posted documents, Planning Inspectorate’s current advice remains to use electronic means for appeal submissions at this time and that posted documents will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. The advice also mentions that parties may wish to look into asking someone else to make submissions on their behalf, if they are not able to make submissions by electronic means.

For those of you who have not already sent representations to the PI we would encourage you to do so, using the pro-forma letter from our Documents page if required. Please remember that you need not include your address on the actual letter but it should be in the covering email along with a request that it should be withheld from the formal submission.

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