The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has confirmed that the Inquiry will take place on-line, starting on 26th January. Anyone wishing to register an interest in observing or participating in this public inquiry can do so by following the instructions in the Inquiry Notice, a copy of which is now on our Documents page.

AVBC was asked to make all the details and Proofs of Evidence available on their Planning portal but do not appear to have done so. However, the documents are available on the PINS website ( with the exception of some appendices containing photographs and video footage of the site due to the large file sizes. Should anyone wish to see those files please contact WACAG and we will make them available via a WeTransfer link. To view the other Proofs documents you should go to the PINS website, scroll down and click on “Documents”, when all will be revealed.



AVBC have now uploaded most of the relevant documents to their website. If you go to the Planning Appeals page and enter AVA/2019/0268 in the reference box and click “Submit” you should be presented with the list from which you can choose. Due to the large file sizes they have been unable to upload the WACAG video annex yet but they are endeavouring to do that so  we may need to be patient for a little longer.

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  1. AldernotOlder Resident

    I live in Alderwasley and just saw the (now nearly illegible) notice about this event and Googled it, as many people wouldn’t be able to do in the village. Impressed with the efforts to deal with these issues and by this site and am interested in attending. What time is it? I work full time so…

    1. wacagadmin

      The Inquiry will start at 1000hrs on 26th January and 0930 on the subsequent 5 days. If you wish to register to observe or participate you will need to do so in accordance with the instructions in the PINS Notice, a copy of which is in the Documents section of this website.

  2. Quentin

    I registered to observe the Inquiry on Teams. Just emailed the case officer. Seemed very easy to do.

  3. Hillside Harry

    I was told that the council are supposed to have put the documents on their website but I can’t find them. Can anybody help please? Who should I contact at the office to find out where the documents are? How can it be a public enquiry if we can’t see the evidence?

  4. I agree with the previous comment. I would definitely have attended a proper public Hearing but now find I’m limited only to whatever I can do by telephone. I will register to do this though. I think it’s important that all of us who live locally and have signed petitions, written to Amber Valley Planning, supported WACAG, etc continue to demonstrate to the Inspector the strength of feeling against what has happened at Haytop.

  5. Resident

    Shame it’s a virtual event…many residents of Whatstandwell are elderly and probably do not possess a laptop, let alone know how to find the documents if they did. I know people can ring in to express their views at the Inquiry, but if they can’t access documentation or the event itself then it can hardly be considered a Public Inquiry! I hope the Inspector realises this.

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